Writing tips

How to start

I am often asked how does a writer start.  If youíre left staring at a blank screen or piece of paper how exactly does one fill a page?  I can share a few tips that help me and hopefully they will help you too. 

How to start: Spirituality is frequently forgotten.  Some prayers or meditation will set you up for the day, whatever appeals to you as long as it is done in love. 

Writerís block: If youíre stuck, write about how it feels to be unable to think of anything to write. If other snatches come to mind such as the person who knocked into you in the supermarket, write it down.  In fact write anything  that comes into your head and you will have filled a page before you know it. The point is, it gets you writing - it warms you up for the real thing.  Later on weed out the good bits.  There will be a couple of gems.

Donít work blindly:  Unless you really are on a írollí make sure you have regular breaks. When it is time for a break from your writing, get up and start singing.  Itís a great booster and already natural to most of us. It encourages better posture, deeper breathing and releases endorphins in your body, which can reduce stress and promote relaxation.  If youíre self conscious about a family member or neighbour hearing your renditions remember most people are far too caught up in their own lives to take much notice.  

Remain positive:  Please remove the word canít  from your vocabulary.  If you think you donít use this word  thatís great.  But it can be surprising how often this little word (which has huge ramifactions) can escape from oneís lips. 

Influences:  Itís fine to listen to peoplesí problems, but donít take them on board otherwise you may be left feeling heavy and groggy - not the best mood for writing. Does a particular person inspire you to greater writing depths?  Draw strength from them. 

Saying No:  If you have a writing deadline then the small word ínoí and yourself are going to have to become mates. If you say yes to someone but it means saying no to your writing ...think again. 

Reward yourself:  We all need rewards. When you complete a project treat yourself.   It doesnít have to be Afternoon Tea at the Ritz.  But  itís refreshing to do something youíve been meaning to do for ages but never seem to get round to it.  It could be as simple as an aromatherapy bubble bath; mooching around an art gallery or eating dim sum in China Town.  This way  you have recharged your batteries and are ready for the next project.